Kms md35

There are a multitude of options allow control of almost any engine including tricky European engines, using original sensors! Each includes very easy to program yet powerful software that is stable and well laid out. Hierbij kan het de standaard injectie en ontsteking . Te koop aangeboden, een zo goed als nieuw kms mdmanagement systeem, bestaande uit: kms mdecu kms egt display kms uego display wideband lambda sonde 3bar map sensor idle valve. Het is mogelijk om de injectie en ontsteking te regelen op ieder gewenst motortoerental, turbodruk of gasklep .

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Van Kronenburg Motorenrevisie via Kronenburg Management Systems. KMS Ecu MDblack carbon. Below the main wiring diagram is shown on how to connect the MDECU to different sensor and actuators.

This is a universal diagram which can be used for any type of engine, except for the connection of the ignition system and auxiliary anaputs.

These are described in the appendixes for different types of engines . AIM has developed special applications for many of the most popular ECUs: by special applications we mean user-friendly systems which allow to easily connect your ECU to our high tech data loggers: user needs only to . Ik heb evt een MPvoor je liggen, al gemapt voor een 20vt(met turbo-upgrade en grotere injectoren). Life size nitro RC buggy :P. Little bit of a dif leak.

Блог пользователя a313lex на DRIVE2. Säätöohjelma selkeä ja säätö onnistuu hyvin vähemmän kokeneemmaltakin. Notes: It only works with ECUs with version numbers ending in C. If the version numbers ends in A then the ECU is compatible with a serial interface.

Comes with: Programmable Display. UEGO controller with Lambda sensor. Intake Manifold pressure sensor. Some spare connectors including the large one to the ECU. CAN bus connecting cables.

Motorsteuerungssystem MD Dieses System steuert die Einspritzung und die Zündung des Motors. Hauptstecker,Software CD in englisch und Überbragungskabel.

Softwareoptimierung, Fahrzeugabstimmung und Leistungsteigerung. Il peut prendre en charge la norme injection .