Jst xh

This connector was developed based on the high reliability and versatility of our NH series connectors. The connector is very small with mounting height of 9. Type, Disconnectable type. JST XH -series or other variations. Crimp style, Shrouded header type .

They are sold in packs of four units. Way Side PCB Header (Male Socket). The XH connector was developed based on the high reliability and versatility of our.

Yet it meets the needs for high-density mounting and miniaturization of electronic equipment, including VCRs, radio- cassette players, and . It endeavors to provide the products that you want, offering the best bang for your buck. Most Eagle footprints use 2. Useful for making extensions etc.

Share this: Now save bewaar US$ US$ 00. Het Balance Board is voor opladers dat de populaire JST 6S balans poort en past deze aan de even populair XH-connectoren die op de meeste batterijen. Temperature range: -25° C to 85° C. JST – XH Balance Board voor 2S tot 6S Battery Packs. This header is interchangeable with those of 2. NR and NRD connectors and board-to-board JQ connectors.

Conforming to the HA terminal. Pitch, Way, Row Female Straight PCB HousingXHP-5. Browse our latest pcb-connector-housings offers. Pitch, Way, Row Female Straight PCB HousingXHP-4.

This extension allows to connect the Lipo balance wire has your charger, which makes it much easier to connect because the balance of the lipo battery wire is much shorter than the load wire. Would it be possible to include the scripts? What do I have to rework? Вся идея в том, чтобы сделать себе переходники для зарядки аков (например 3s) одновременно, втыкая в порт 6s.

И хочется использовать для это подходящие разъемы. With 20cm long 2-wire cables and has a receptacle connector at the end.

This cable can be used for connecting to various PCB projects.