Israel electric plug

The standard voltage is 2V and the frequency is Hz. Type H wordt enkel en alleen gebruikt in Israël en Palestina. Deze netstekker heeft een rechte aardpen onderaan in het midden plus twee andere platte pinnen in de vorm van een V. says …. Domestic_AC_power_plugs_… But is that really the only one? In that case can I buy converter plugs somewhere, e.

However, the prongs on the power plug are somewhat unique. Sometimes the simple European round prongs fit in, sometimes not. It is important to note that . The input is a universal receptacle that accepts all types of connectors (Including: 2-Prong US polarize 3-Prong US grounde European, UK, AUS and India plug standards.

But not the large South African plug ). You live in South Africa? The adapter does not change the Voltage. If you do not know which voltage your device can use then please read the section about how to tell the voltage of your device first.

All over the worl there are different types of electrical wall outlets.

Travel adapter plugs do not convert electricity , they simply. Therefore, most visitors coming from these areas should not encounter any problems using their travel appliances, with the possible exception of needing an adapter plug so that their appliance can fit into an . Before traveling check to see if your appliances have a . Different types of electrical sockets or outlets, classified by country, for your travel needs. Electrical plugs and voltages for different countries around the world. Country, Often uses same connectors as: Voltage , Frequency hz, Type of plug.

Afghanistan, India, 22 5 C,F. Algeria, India, 22 5 C,F. As you know most countries outside of the U. Canada have more than one outlet configuration, some as many as seven possibilities.

Israel , Israel , 23 5 H,C. Not all gadgets require a voltage converter, though—you may be able to get by with just a simple plug adapter. Please scroll through the list. Travelling overseas with an Australian device? Use our handy Adaptor Guide and search by country to find the best product to suit your travel needs.

This adapter is also known.