Ion source

An ion source is a device that creates atomic and molecular ions. Electron capture ionization. A mass spectrometry resource web site, featured are mass spectrometry tutorials. Amino Acid Table at IonSource.

These types of instruments . An ion source is a device that creates atomic and molecular ions.

In the first part fundamental principles of positive and negative ion production are presented. Then a selection of positive ion source types is described which are relevant for accelerator application, beginning with low- charge-state high-current sources up to highly- charged ion sources. This is followed by a brief . In mass spectrometry, the performance of the MS system in terms of mass resolution, mass accuracy and principally sensitivity, is highly dependent on the method of ion generation. Waters Universal Ion Source Architecture allows you to use the widest range of ionization techniques as well as the very latest innovations in ionization technologies.

High Voltage Engineering Europa B. HVE) is the largest and most diverse manufacturer of particle accelerator systems for science and industry. SCIEX rugge reliable, easily interchangeable ion sources are available for a wide range of applications and flow rates to suit your LC-MS needs.

The Dresden EBIT is a compact electron beam ion trap originally designed for x- ray spectroscopy purposes. As an ion source it represents a very cost-efficient alternative for the production of low, intermediate, and highly charged ions or molecule fragments if the ion output is not the most critical point of an application. Kaufman and Robinson, Inc.

Our products incorporate technical features such as gridded or gridless sources, DC or RF discharges and automated power supply controllers. The Nanospray Flex source maximizes LC-MS sensitivity for all current Thermo Scientific LC-MS systems. It is simple, easy to use, and robust, yet allows complete f. Negative Ion Sources : Magnetron and Penning.

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, Oxfordshire, UK. The history of the magnetron and Penning electrode geometry is briefly outlined. Plasma generation by electrical discharge-driven electron impact ionization is described and the basic physics . They create the initial beam that is accelerated by the rest of the machine. Ion sources are a critical component of all particle accelerators.

A brief introduction to some of the relevant concepts of plasma physics and . Sample molecules are ionized in the ion source after chromatographic separation by a GC. The structure and function of the ion source will be explained here. Many translated example sentences containing ion source – Dutch-English dictionary and search engine for Dutch translations.