India plug

Check your need for a power plug (travel) adapter in India. In India the power sockets are of type C, D and M. The standard voltage is 2V and the frequency is Hz. India uses 2Volts, Hz alternating current as the power source. The two pin plug is also called the Europlug. It has two round mm (in) pins.

It can be inserted in either way into the socket. Electricity and travel adaptor tips from Lonely Planet. What plug adapters do you need for India ? A guide to plug sockets, converters, voltages and power adapters used in India. Indian power plugs come in varying shapes and sizes.

The most common plug consists of two round prongs. Sometimes there will also be a third round prong, making a triangle shape. You live in United States of America? Accepts plugs from all countries including USA, does NOT accept plugs from S. Used in: India , Sri Lanka, Nepal, Namibia (see complete list of countries on the right).

The Type D electrical plug has three large round pins in a triangular pattern. Type M plugs are often used alongside Type D plugs for larger appliances and as a result, some sockets work with both Type D and Type M plugs. Answer of 11: I am a little confused about what plug type is used in Indian hotels.

There is some suggestion that a two pin european plug fits fine into the most common. Krieger Universal to India Plug Adapter helps to convert different electrical output to your devices. The electric outlets in India can look baffling but are rather simple once you know which hole is what.

Buy Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug , White online at low price in India on Amazon. Click to learn my secrets to AVOID frying your devices. Some sources say to use the adapter with two rounded plugs.

Others say to use the type with three rounded plugs in a triangular pattern. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy India to UK Travel Tourist Adaptor Converter Mains Plug at Amazon UK.

Shop with confidence on eBay! Information for international travellers about power in India , including voltage, frequency and plug shape. The India adapter will also work in Sri Lanka.