Ifm flow sensor

Talk to a Customer Service Engineer today! A wide range of designs adapted to applications and requirements is available. All systems are designed so that the signals such as flow and temperature can be directly transferred to the control . The operating principle of ifm efector flow sensors is based on the calorimetric principle.

The amount of thermal energy that is removed from the tip determines the local flow rate.

This temperature-based operating principle can . Magnetic-inductive flow meter. Process connection: G½ flat seal. OUT= analogue signal temperature. OUT= analogue signal flow.

Application, conductive liquids of the fluid group. Control monitor for flow sensors. Electrical design, DC PNP.

Reverse polarity protection, yes. Output function, normally . Flow sensor for connection to evaluation units. Sensor suitable for clamp fitting. Ifm has expanded its magmeter product line to include new 1. Compact type for adapter. The magmeters use the magnetic inductive sensing principle to measure the flow rate of any conductive liquid.

Required master port class, A. Operating modes: relative, absolutely liqui absolutely gaseous. Setting range for relative mode: 0. Discover the flow sensor product range of ifm. Contact the manufacturer directly. Browse our latest flow – sensors -switches-indicators offers. Also find here related product comparison.

Return to IFM electronic sensors at Seltec. Shop with confidence on eBay! Featuring magnetic inductive flow technology for high-precision measurements of conductive media, this IFM electronic flowmeter has a compact, in-line stainless steel housing.

This easy-to-install model is simple to setup and is a reliable alternative to traditional mechanical flow switches and flow meters. For more information about ifm flow sensors , visit the ifm flow switches and flow meters page. The HI-Teach is sufficient for the majority of waterbased applicati- ons. Optional: adjustment to minimum flow (LO-Teach).

Manual adjustment to maximum flow. Encased in a compact robust housing for harsh environments, the meter utilizes the vortex flow principle. The IFM device is an in-valve electromagnetic insertion flow meter that adds an accurate flow measurement functionality to any BERMAD control valve. Perfectly suitable for flow measurement in civil, municipal, industrial and agricultural water management systems, the easy to install and operate IFM enhances the control . These sensors measure the flow rate of fluids or gases and provide an analog or switched output.

IFM -Injector Flow Meter is designed to test performance of Common Rail injectors on the test bench, replacing classical measuring glass. IFM -allows simultaneous measurement of delivery and back leak of single tested injector. Included injection detector enables to display flow value in relation to the number of .