Hy pro amnesia haze

Very strong effect, exhuberant high. Winner of lot cannabis awards. One of the best sativas of the world. Flowering indoor: weeks. Outdoor: it can take meters height depending of the vegetative period.

Een van de beste en sterkste ( Haze ) Sativas op de markt.

Winnaar van vele Cannabis Cups. Een extreem sterk effect en een ongelooflijke high. Een must voor iedere cannabiskenner. Quick and discreet shipping.

I was given these seeds by Frans at thegrowshop. Sweet and spicy taste with excellent growth and flowering characteristics, mega profits and unsurpassed psychedelic effects. Superstrain Seedshop ( hypro ) – Cannabis Forum.

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Geüpload door TheKweker last week before cutting. Maar alles is heel eenvoudig. En sinds kort, na intensief selecteren en . Jen ve standardizované variantě semínek. Oblíbená Sativa v podání Hy – Pro. Amnesia haze zaadbank – Cannabis Forum.

Canna nutes all the way,gonna give the bio range another go though. They are on terra for now but will get the new nutes asap. Under a 2now but will change to a 4very soon. The amnesia that concerns us is the line of Hypro As for the amnesia haze of Soma, turn you Eskobar and crosses of clone soma We will.

Register now to gain access to all of our features. Once registered and logged in, you will be able to contribute to this site by submitting your own content or replying to existing content. Evo mog novog (treceg) dnevnika. Metrop Hydroponie ( HY – PRO ) se lance dans la vente de graine sous le nom de Hy – pro seed. De credits hiervoor gaan naar de boys van Hypro die deze . Es el feno corto,mas temprano,con tonos cafeteros y frutos secos.

Green Goddess is an indica-dominant strain that also offers the Afghani-Hawaiian blend of genetics.