Hdmi cable tester

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Fast and accurate verification with type A – A, A – C,C-A and C – C connectors. Check disorder, short, open. Vind de webshop met de laagste prijs.

Komt er een klant uw winkel inlopen en begint te schelden dat de door hem gekochte HDMI-kabel niet werkt.

NCT-HDMI cable tester m. Uit intern onderzoek blijkt dat van die HDMI-kabels wel degelijk werkt, maar hoe gaat u dat testen. Met deze kabeltester kan je simpel en eenvoudig je HDMI kabels testen en zien welke kabels niet , of niet correct werken. Het apparaat werkt met één druk op de knop en biedt optische en akoestische signalen om de resultaten te laten zien. TEST2HDMI cable tester to check if your cables are working.

There are times where long HDMI cables are pulled through walls or behind tight spaces. Before and after installing these cables it is important to test the cables before use.

This tester is ideal when using the LUXI field terminated HDMI products to test your connection and verify all HDMI wires have connected properly. Also supplies connectors, switches and adapters, VGA Cables , DVI Cables , AV Cables and Network Cables. The HDMI cable tester evaluates potential issues with HDMI cable by troubleshooting the pin connections. HDMI Cable Testing Solution from BitifEye and Keysight. Primus Cable provides HDMI testers that are user friendly and display the status of each HDMI . This hand-held troubleshooting tool is designed for checking continuity on the conductors in an HDMI cable.

Both main and remote unit show signal status. Simply plug the HDMI cable ends into the both the local and remote tester modules and the corresponding LED lights will report . Easily test and verify HDMI cables. The tester checks for short, open, and cross status of HDMI cables.

Pyle PHCTHDMI HD Cable Tester with LED Indicators: Amazon. NOTE: 9V battery included. No parallel import,Auckland showroom,satisfaction guaranteed. The HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable tester is designed to check and troubleshoot the pin connections of HDMI cables.

It is ideal for testing continuity of each signal pin of a HDMI cable prior to installation on equipments. It can tests all pins signal for HDMI cables.

The VTTESTis designed to test and verify professional installations and cables incorporating High-Definition Multimedia Interface technology. Equipped with test modes .