Gainclone kit

Hi Peter and all Gainclone builders, I would like to share with you my experience concerning the Gainclone I have built. I have been using a nice SET amplifier ( home grown) for about years, the sound of which was pretty nice to me. I want a good sounding amp with commercial PCBs, preferably a complete kit.

Maybe a balanced monobloc build? Cheapo fleabay gainclone kits ? Afbeeldingen van gainclone kit Meer afbeeldingen voor gainclone kit Afbeeldingen melden Bedankt voor uw feedback.

Een andere afbeelding melden Meld de aanstootgevende afbeelding. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. You know we love tubes and all things analog, but there is another trend in DIY sound amplification that has been hard to ignore: Gainclone amps. I had previously planned to build a small stereo amp using the ampkit from 41hz. Here, I describe the parts, construction method and problems encountered.

Picture of The Schematic Diagrams (for Amp and Power Supply). In this way, about 7dB is gained at 30Hz-70Hz ban and reached about 34db at peak point at 30Hz. When 26v DC supply is applied .

Output power of 50W 8R 2. My homemade Gainclone hifi amplifier. I used an old power amp case and rebuilt into a world-class hifi amp for my home studio. Roman Black – web 05th What is it? If you have some DIY skills and are willing to give the Gainclone kits a try, you can get them at sites such as chipamp.

Thanks to Adhisan for loaning his . This amp can deliver about 50W into a 8-ohm speaker and 100W into a 4-ohm speaker. Can a chip amp sound good? Gainclone or chipamp is a type of audio amplifier made by do-it-yourselfers, or individuals interested in DIY audio. It is a design based on high-power integrated circuits, particularly the National Semiconductor Overture series. The Gainclone is probably the most commonly built and well-known amplifier project amongst . As you may have rea the well revered audio company 47Labs, who are known for their often . A custom designed chassis built from aluminium panels specifically for the gainclone chip amplifiers.

I decided to build a gainclone since I wanted a compact shoebox style amplifier for the TV system and the fact it looked easy with good feedback from others that had built it. An alternative method is to buy a startup current limiter kit with PCB off ebay if you have the space to fit it. Shop with confidence on eBay! I now want to try my luck at gain clones.

There are all kind of kits on ebay.

It will output Watts into ohms. This version also uses a very high capacitance PSU and a snubber. The case is made entirely out of recycled aluminum bought from scrap metal yards. Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but in the Mini-T amp enthusiasm, I fear that kit amps based on the Gainclone may have gone out of fashion.

Has anyone made one of these up. What did the end result look like and obviously, how did you think it sounded? I ask because – it appears the Mini-T .