Function generator

A function generator is usually a piece of electronic test equipment or software used to generate different types of electrical waveforms over a wide range of frequencies. Find great deals on eBay for Function Generator in Function Generators. With standard waveforms, arbitrary waveform capability and signal impairment options, a Tektronix Function Generator supports a wide range of application needs with one instrument. Best-in-class Function Generator performance . This app puts a waveform on the audio output at 44. Hz and with a resolution of 16-bit.

Two separate waveforms can be output to the left and right audio output channels respectively. Function and arbitrary waveform generators are among the most important and versatile pieces of electronic test equipment. In electronic design and troubleshooting, the circuit under scrutiny often requires a controllable signal to simulate its normal operation.

The testing of physical systems and transducers often needs . An LED dimmer circuit example is given. Standard BNC to Alligator clips test leads. Function, Pulse, and Arbitrary Waveform Generator Carrying Case . No Ads, No Permissions, No In App Purchasing, No Limited Features.

Output will depend on your device hardware. Some device hardware may may . Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Audio Function Generator. There is also another adjustment possible and that is . Function generator is a device that produces a desired signal of specified frequency, shape and amplitude. Online vertaalwoordenboek.

It can also generate programmable pulse signals as well as the standard wave functions. Additionally, the arbitrary waveform feature allows engineers to . So many of the experiments in the advanced labs make use of oscilloscopes and function generators that it is useful to learn their general operation. First, a function generator (also called a tone generator) is an electronic device that can output a specific waveform at a set frequency. For example, one could generate a sinusoidal signal at 60Hz.

You can use it to test the inner workings of audio amplifiers, find the characteristic of op-amps and diodes, . Vertical Resolution: bits. Memory Length: 8M points. The FG4easily generates basic, application specific and arbitrary waveforms with a sine wave frequency range of. Name: Multi- Channel Function .