Flat cable

Een bandkabel (Eng. flat cable ) is een plat soort kabel met meerdere aders. Aan het begin en het eind van de kabel kunnen connectoren zijn gemonteer waarmee de kabel bijvoorbeeld als verbinding tussen een apparaat en een moederbord kan worden bevestigd. Een bekende aansluiting die vaak gebruikmaakt van . Bandkabel ( flatcable ) Winkel Online – Goedkoopste Bandkabel en elektronica winkel online, behalve Bandkabel ( flatcable ) vind u op onze site ook 170.

Shielde Tin Plated Copper, Aluminum Foil, Polyester, -, 1ft, Polyolefin. Lappkabel – Flat cables , Conveyor technology, Power and control cables.

We introduce the lineup of connectors for connection between boards and cables compatible with ribbon cables. CONTACT MOLEX ABOUT THIS PRODUCT . Interstate Wire carries a full line of flat cable and ribbon cable for electronic applications. We offer cables in flat, ribbon and twisted configurations. Search and filter by product type, industry application, bran part number and many other options.

Designed for board-to- board . The benefits of going flat , and what to look for when selecting the cable you need. The cable provides reliable mass- termination to standard IDC connectors. AWG Strande PVC, Available in standard 1ft.

Flat cables feature innovative design enhancements that make them strong candidates for applications where round cable was once the natural choice. Flat cable has been around for about years, since Cicoil invented the ribbon cable for . All the details on our product families in the Wurth Electronics catalog Electromechanical Components. The requirements for a professional installation system can be summarised as follows: (1) efficient planning and fast error-free installation.

The HARTING catalogue offers a wide range of PCB connectors, SEK IDC connectors, Flat cable and many more products for electronic devices. Maximum flexibility with the minimum space requirement! If it has to be flexible and space saving, our flat cables come to the fore. Demanding applications need flat cables , which have a low bend radius and a highly efficient cable construction.

Our flat cables are suitable for power and control lines and are used for average. Het gaat eigenlijk om het kleine usb connectortje welke dan niet aan een qi reciever zit maar aan een standaard ( flat ) cable met ook een usb stekker . A flat cable is a cable that is flat as opposed to being round or circular. Often flat cables can contain multiple conductors, which are all located on the same horizontal plane.

Flat cables can also be comprised of only one conductor. The metal conductors themselves can also be more of a flat or elongated rectangular shape. Cables , Wires ship same day.