Female to female jumper wires

Description: 40pcs chromatic color female to female dupont lines 1 brand new. High quality and in good working condition. Durable and reusable Easy to install and use A popular choice for construction or repair Be used for electronic project and Genuine Arduino product.

Specification: Length 20cm 1p-1p pin female. This is a simple two wire cable.

Both ends have a 2-pin 0. These premium jumper wires are stranded AWG wires with female terminations on both ends, for use with 0. Active, Kit – Pre-Formed for Breadboar Various, Various, AWG. Great wires to be used on all kinds of breadboard. Complete set of 40PCS cables.

X 40pcs 20cm female to male Dupont Dupont Wire. Ribbon of jumper wires in clusters of 10. Easily connect breakout boards or electronic components with the wires.

Flexible cable with female jumper wire connector. It comes in wires pack. Rainbow coloured jumper strips, perfect for use with our mini breadboards!

Hello I just bought some male to female jumper wires on ebay by mistake that costed $2. I will have spent more than I want to on this project, so can I make the best out of a bad situation and convert the male . You can try these from dealextreme. The female part has a small bump on one side so you cannot connect them side-by- side to e. Many microcontroller boards like the Arduino and Freeduino SB use pins to make your electrical connections. Enter the female to female connector!

These really nice 150mm long jumper wires are an ideal solution for making these sorts of connections. Each pack contains leads with a mix of wire insulation colours. Female to Female (to 1) jumper wires for connecting standard 2. Relimate connector of different type of Development Board.

There are different types of jumper wires. Some have the same type of electrical connector at both ends, while others have different connectors. The arrangement of the elements and ease of insertion on a .

Jumper wire male to female , . How to make female jumper cable How to convert male jumper to female jumper.