Faber castell connector

Connector pens impress with their bright, bold colours. Fantastic painting techniques provide new ideas and unlimited creativity. The special clip on the cap allows the markers to be clipped together for easy organization and clean-up. The brilliant colors have high coverage and can be . Viltstiften met heldere, intense kleuren. Uitwasbaar uit de meeste stoffe.

Make dimensional sculptures that combine your drawings with these unique marker pens that connect to one another and to your artwork. The bright, washable, waterbased ink is made from food-grade vegetab. Stiften voor een leuke prijs waar je nog veel meer mee kunt doen. Faber Castell connectorpens. Kijken jullie mee naar de review van Johanna Ans?

Nou, was dat even een leuke verrassing die daar binnen kwam . Some of them are derived from the grand master techniques but made simple for children. Brilliant colours, long lasting. De stiften hebben een drukbestendige punt.

Met leuke originele doppen, die aan elkaar te klikken zijn. Inkt op waterbasis: uitwasbaar uit de meeste stoffen. Stevige transparante emmer . The connector pens pack has all the colours of the rainbow plus many more. Connect each pen together by the lid to keep them all together.

Long cap-off time and water-based non-toxic ink using food dyes. Washable from most clothing and surfaces. De viltstiften hebben heldere en intense kleuren met inkt op waterbasis.

De inkt is uitwasbaar uit de meeste stoffen. CONNECTOR markers paint bright and strong and even have an extra playful benefit: connecting the caps provides many possibilities for games, crafts, and cleanup. The felt-tip pens can be connected with the special clip on the cap. This opens up a whole host of building and painting ideas.

The rotating connectors can be used for painting parallel patterns or for imaginative building and . Enter a postcode for estimated delivery date. High quality pens that provide brilliant colour coverage in a medium tip. Available online and in store at Cass Art. Warranty, Parts: No return of items like Printers, inks, toners, stamp etc. Only Box pack items can be returned within Days from the date of Dispatch.

Also includes Creative tips and techniques inside. Non-toxic water-based inks washable from most clothing. Be the first to review this product. Check store availability .