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Measure fields, voltage generation and balance ionizers. Browse our latest ESD Test Meters offers. ESD Test Meters are primarily used to test the performance of the wrist straps, heel grounders, ESD shoes and other ESD products. It occurs when an electrical charge on one non-conductive surface discharges onto a. Electrostatic Discharge ( ESD ) is probably something you have experienced many times.

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Find products for grounding and measuring, such as a field meter or resistivity meter. This handhel portable, digital electrostatic field meter , detects and measures electrostatic fields. Includes carrying pouch, 9v battery and ground cord.

A buildup of static electricity can be caused by tribocharging or by electrostatic induction. The ESD occurs when differently-charged objects are brought close . Models are available to measure surface resistivity, surface resistance, volume resistivity, volume resistance, point-to-point. ESD -Safe Pocket Size Resistivity Meter with Case.

Availability: In Stock Manufacturer Lead Time When Not In Stock: days. Note that meter readings are relative.

Detects, counts and measures ESD events that can damage ESD items and cause tool lock-ups, erratic behavior and parametric errors. Also find here related product comparison. The General Laboratory should be the base of operations for ESD work done within a plant.

New SSD field meter STATIRON DZupdated as easy operation with more reasonable pricing. With Functional rotary sensor hea you can measure flexible angle. Visible Bright LED indication. Easy operation with simple button. With optional balance plate and check the ion balance of ionizer.

We are a multi-national distributor of static control products for the electronics and medical device manufacturing industries. The static electric field on charged surfaces is measured using a field potential meter or static locator. Static Solutions CT-Series Combo Data Logger Tester Kits.

Automatically stores for 10employees. Black 9v surface resistance meter designed to measure both surface resistance and resistance to the ground. Use the ESD meter to find them.

Click on the ESD meter with the left mouse button to pick it up. Room layout As built so far from electronic image provided by Neil 4. Doors One entrance door 4. Our firm is globally recognized as a trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of ESD Meter. These meters are designed with qualitative components incorporating sophisticated technology to ensure their durability.

Owing to their high operational accuracy, portability, compact design, least power consumption and clear . Model, Images, Description, More Info, Buy Online. This meter allows to expand instrumentation.