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Login via your institution. Remote access activation. For users looking for adverse drug events, drug efficacy studies, medical device and disease-related biomedical research information, Embase delivers immediate access to a range of intuitive search tools that help them find exact to their research questions quickly and easily. Net als PubMed zoekt Embase standaard zowel op de letterlijk ingevoerde zoektermen als op trefwoorden. Standaard staat Embase op de Advanced Search modus.

Screenshot Basic Search. Wil je vanuit een PubMed zoekstrategie aanvullend zoeken in Embase ? Dit stappenplan helpt je met de vertaling: Controleer de PubMed zoekstrategie. Het vertalen van een PubMed zoekstrategie naar Embase verschilt voor de MeSH termen en de zoekacties op woord. Searching PubMe Searching Medline, Searching Embase.

Easy keyword searching and automatic mapping to MeSH terms. College of Family Physicians of . Embase is a biomedical and pharmacological database of published literature designed to support information managers and pharmacovigilance in complying with the regulatory requirements of a licensed drug. Embase , produced by Elsevier, contains over million records from over 4currently published journals . Wildcard and Truncation Symbols – used in Embase. Limits – to apply when you have completed your search (includes publication date, age groups, language limits, and study types). Shared Search Folder – to allow others to . Embase includes six million records and 7journals that are not covered by MEDLINE (e.g., conference abstracts, European journal titles).

If you are conducting a thorough review of the literature, searching Embase can help ensure that you locate relevant studies that may not be indexed in MEDLINE. Type your first concept in the Quick Search box on the. Systematic searching in Embase using PICO to identify relevant. Be sure to type slowly enough to let the database map your concept to the best Emtree term. See the screenshot on the right.

Search for detailed pharmacological information using the specialized Drug Search. Use filters to limit. Can limit to include non-MEDLINE citations (see box at left of this page). Other Features of PubMe Other Features of MEDLINE, Other Features of Embase.

Includes Related Citations, highlighting review . Click on the Embase (OVID) link in the list of. Two ways to narrow search. Go the Embase home page and click on Emtree.

Enter a term in the search box (here – asthma) and add the term to your search as follows. Select As Major Focus to narrow where the term . To successfully perform critical functions such as pharmacovigilance, generating high-quality systematic reviews in support of evidence-based medicine and drug and medical device efficacy studies, pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations require a wide array of biomedical evidence. The limit of databases that you can select for a multifile search session is based upon database segments rather than actual databases. The Ovid multifile segment limit is set at 1to avoid impacting your search sessions.

This database includes segments.