El34 tubes

It has an international octal base and is found mainly in the final output stages of audio amplification circuits and was designed to be suitable as a series regulator by virtue of its high permissible voltage between heater and cathode and other . Find great deals on eBay for Mullard ELin Vintage Tubes and Tubes Sockets. Buy products related to eltubes and see what customers say about eltubes on Amazon. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

Electro-Harmonix 6CAEH Power Vacuum Tube.

Genalex – Gold Lion KTPower Vacuum Tube. ELTubes are in stock and ready to ship! We stock the best ELtubes for amps on market today.

Current production ELtubes are true to the original Mullard pentode design. Likewise, current production 6CAare beam forming tetrode like the original Sylvania design. Tube manufacturers also re-issued KTin recent years.

The internal construction of current production KTresembles that of classic KT77. Thinking of replacing the ELtubes in my Jolida amp.

What brands do people feel confident recommending? This tube is a pentode of the power amplifier type. Most orders are eligible for free shipping. JJ replacement valve type ELvalve ELtube. Great prices and super fast delivery.

Q: What is new with Psvane TII series vacuum tubes ? These tubes came fairly well packed from M. I tested them on my own testors and they Test New and matched. They went into a Mullard 5-power amp and. Available in Single, Matched Pairs and Quads. Quantity, Image, Name, Price.

JJ ELMatched Pair Power Tubes. In September of that year, Jimi Hendrix arrived in England to form the Jimi Hendrix . We have all major current production and select NOS EL, KTand 6CApower tubes in stock. Copy of the XFMullard ELof the 60s.

The perfect power tube for the Dynaco ST-or vintage Marshall amplifiers.

ELavailable Made in Saratov, Russia. The Legendary Winged -C- Selected From the Original Svetlana Production The Svetlana ELis very dependable and our recommended choice for combos. It has little less power, but therefor a nicely balanced tone with fine heights, very detailed and musical mids and just the right amount of bass.

Re: Power amp ELtubes Svetlana or JJ ? Svetlana gives more of that classic marshall tone for stuff like classic rock. They work perfectly fine for other kinds of music, but the lower end is loose. I think JJs are supposed to sound .