In electronics, desoldering is the removal of solder and components from a circuit board for troubleshooting, repair, replacement, and salvage. From using desoldering irons to sketchily knocking breadboard components off on the side of a table, there are tons of ways to remove components from a circuit board. Once you know how to solder, you are sooner or later going to need to know how to desolder (more likely sooner than later). Desoldering helps you undo all of those.

Learning to remove a sturdy connection is almost as important as knowing how to make it in the first place.

How to desolder through-hole electronic parts. Wick, solder sucker, desoldering gun, hot air, cutting leads, and. The aim is to remove all the solder from a component and detach the component from the PCB without damaging the component or the PCB, either from excessive heat or from rough handling. These components are held on the board by solder flux that creates a strong bond between the pins of a component and their corresponding pads on the board. However, the main purpose of this solder is to provide electrical connectivity.

Soldering and desoldering is performed to install a component on a. It works, but not nearly as well as I see in various videos online. Looking for soldering equipment?

Browse the RS Components extensive range of soldering and desoldering tools. We stock soldering and desoldering stations, soldering irons, kits and fume extraction equipment. We stock all of the consumables too, from solder flux to pastes and masks, and from leading . This guide illustrates the various levels of difficulty in . Quickly removes unwanted solder when used with a soldering iron.

Professionals and DIYers alike trust iFixit tools to get the job done. Shop Grainger for desoldering braids, integral to the desoldering operation at large. Choose from braids and wicks. Weller ist ein Hersteller von Lötspitzen, Lötstationen, Entlötstation, Filter und Absaug Anlagen, Weller is a Producer of solderingiron, solderingstation, reworkstation and filter systems.

Systems are available with vacuum pumps or with venturis for use with shop air. Online vertaalwoordenboek. DR is an iron for desoldering jobs of through-hole components and removing excess solder after SMD rework. It is capable of providing up to 160W.

The exclusive JBC heating system and the suction power from MSE or MVE pumps ensure the optimum quality. When the solder container is made of glass you can see when . Re-work soldering is the targeted desoldering of a defective component in order to re-solder a new component in its place on the PCB board. The processes involved in re-working vary depending on the type and size of the component.

Wired components require different procedures from SMD or BGA components. Veel vertaalde voorbeeldzinnen bevatten desoldering – Engels-Nederlands woordenboek en zoekmachine voor een miljard Engelse vertalingen. A desoldering braid is made of very thin copper wires braided together. Cover your solder with flux, put the end of the braid on it, and delicately press with the tip of a warm soldering iron.

Solder melts and is absorbed into the braid by capillarity.