Ever wonder why electronic or electrical equipment and devices have glitches, intermittents or data errors, or wonder how you can prevent this from happening? Well, most of the time it is caused by ONE of the thousands of metal connections in the system or device. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

It dissolves oxidation and corrosion on metal surfaces, fills in microscopic gaps, and reseals surface for better contact to enhance the flow of electricity. DeoxIT helps bring old systems back to life!

It rejuvenates electrical equipment by improving connector . Deoxit is a product manufactured by CAIG Laboratories for cleaning and lubricating electrical contacts. It comes in spray form and is sold in aerosol cans. Deoxit can be used to clean visible oxidation (rust) and. De Amerikanen hebben het altijd over Deoxit als goed middel om krakende schakelaars en potmeters te herstellen. Volgens mij is dit middel niet in Nederland te krijgen.

Wat gebruiken jullie daarvoor? New 60th anniversary can includes.

The Caig Laboratories DDeoxit Spray is a cleaner, enhancer and lubricant for metal electrical connections. It chemically improves connections allowing for better signal paths and is safe on plastics. The one-step spray for cleaning dirty, noisy control pots and switches in guitars and amps! It helps keep pots and switches operating smoothly, quietly and reliably for better sound. Simple cleaners wash away dirt, grime, and dust from your expensive equipment but are often ineffective at cleaning tough oxidation and metal sulfide contamination.

This product will not only clean, but it will drastically improve equipment performance. Also available in: Aerosol: Cat. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders.

After I apply the solution and wait some. Cleaner Caig D5S-Deoxit Spray ( Solution): Amazon. Deoxit är det bästa du kan hitta för att avlägsna oxid i dina kontakter mm.

Protects both surface and base metals. DeoxIT’s unique properties allow it to work on stationary and moving contacts and connectors with similar or dissimilar metals. Contains active cleaner.

Vervuilde contacten zorgen ervoor, dat beeld en geluid vertroebeld worden. However, in large scale use, we recommend compatibility testing for the specific applications.

Sprays do not include solvents to assist in flushing away contaminants. Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). Use as you would the 1 . It has been shown to restore electrical contact functionality by removing contaminants and some corrosion, while providing . Maybe I could find it at some electrical supply places?

I know Radio Shack has it, but they only sell a two pack now, and one of the cans is for gold or something. Has anyone ever tried CRC 2-(or anything else) and had good ? PreservIT PSpray, 2ml. COMPANY: CAIG Laboratories, Inc.