Cts pots

First choice for long life and smooth response. CTS_Precision Pot Position Sensor_132_RGB. The 4Series provides designs for many applications. Review the 4series product specification and options. The 450G Guitar Series makes the most desired features standard!

CTS Potentiometers Pots and accessories available online from Allparts – the leading distributor of guitar parts, bass guitar parts, and amp parts.

Find great deals on eBay for Cts Guitar Pots in Guitar Knobs, Jacks, Switches. To you who have experienced both,mind to share? How do I know these are CTS pots ? Around years ago we was sick with the quality of the Standard CTS Pots and we ordered a Custombuild Series with the specs of our choice. Het is trouwens niet de eerste cts die ik door de handen neem die zo is.

Met chineesjes heb ik daar doorgaans geneens last van. Look at the lugs on the CTS pot. This affects the frequencies that get thru.

This kit is made up of the best quality parts available including top of the line 450G Series CTS pots with solid brass bushing and shafts, low noise, and special lubricant for smooth operation.

The CRL way switch is made in the USA and is spring loaded for smooth and reliable operation. These are top quality CTS Brand Potentiometers. Both the shaft and the threaded collar are made of brass for smooth rotation. Supplied with two nuts and one lock washer. CTS have been supplying pots for electric guitars since the very first production models, and have been an ever present part of the industry, even in the modern day.

CTS brand pots have been the professional choice for top guitar and bass builders and repair techs for decades. Our CTS pots are special ordered and assembled to our . I notice that the CTS pots are the Hot Ticket with the upgrade kits and they are fairly reasonable in price: $4. I see that Gibson Pots are about $7.

The only thing I noticed between the two is that the Gibsons look a bit sturdier. Are there any real differences? Mojotone vintage taper pots are made to the highest quality specifications possible by CTS. Every component in your guitar is just as important as the next so we made sure we could . These pots are made specifically for guitars and their custom taper is superior to that of standard audio taper potentiometers.

K Audio Pot , CTS , solid shaft with nut, lock and dress washer. My confusion is becouse I thought CTS was a bran but I received All Parts 😕 Just want to make this clear 😛 .