Coax h155

Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad. OKAPHONE ELEKTRONIKA voor al uw Belden Ω coax kabel. Actuele status: Op voorraad. Referentie: Conditie: Nieuw. Aantal : Minimale afname van het product is 1.

The good attenuation values are achieved by a low-loss PE-dialectric medium with an air component of more than , as well as by inner conductors and a double shielding of copper and an alu-cladded foil. Kies, vergelijk en koop veilig en gemakkelijk uw marifoon. Onderdeel van George Kniest Boat Equipment. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the written consent of the copyright owner.

H 1, can be used for turnable antenna systems. Coaxial cables used for Radio-frequency designed according the International Standard IEC. Ik ga de Glomex antenne die op mijn boot zit vervangen door een Celmar 0-en wil dan gelijk de beste kabel eraan.

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H-1coaxial cable – 79. Diameter binnengeleider, mm. Materiaal binnengeleider, Koper, blank. Klasse binnengeleider, Klasse = soepel. Uitvoering buitengeleider, Folie en vlechtwerk.

Mantelmateriaal, Polyvinylchloride (PVC). Buitenafmetingen draad Ø5. Flexible thin Ohm coaxial cable for outdoor use. De oks RP-SMA (v) krimp connector – Belden. The H 1cable is a doubly shielded low-loss coax cable with foam dielectric and braided center conductor with a 5. Due to the small outer diameter similar flexible like RG-5 but with much . H1Low-Less coax cable bulk.

Category: Cable, Specification: Pre-assembled on both sides, Connector 1. Hoge kwaliteit Coax kabel GHz, Ohm. Afscherming: Vlecht: x koper plus koperfolie. Product Discription: LPTV antenna with meters of coaxial cable with installed connectors, the high gain LPTV UHF panel antenna (wideband UHF) is suitable for 1-2W of power max due to ferrite transformer used inside, it is perfect for transmission in one general direction and offers lots of gain.

RF-High performance outdoor coaxial cable for WLAN communication (GHz). It is perfect for 2-way.