C15 connector

IEC3Cconnectors are available for purchase from Stay Online. Angled and staight body styles are available. Kettle plug is a colloquial term used for the high- temperature Cappliance inlet (and sometimes, wrongly, for the mating Cconnector ). The power cord industry can be confusing.

But the more you know, the better.

Today we will discuss the differences between IEC-Cand Cconnectors. First, the obvious difference is the notch on the Cconnector. It is similar in form to the C1 except with a notch opposite the earth in the C15 . Molded Cto CPower cord. Male end has an Cplug, female end has a Cconnector. Cable uses a heavy duty AWG jacket, and is rated for amps and 250V.

Used to connect server and networking equipment to a power strip in a data rack. Multiple colors available.

The PXTC14C1Cto CPower Cord (ft) features a Cconnector rated for high-temperature equipment, as well as AWG wire suitable for high power connections – a reliable solution for connecting to CPower Distribution Units ( PDU) located in switchgear rooms and data center environments, or large server. Browse our latest iec-connectors offers. Terminals according IEC Standard.

Detailed information about terminals can be looked up in the date sheet or in the general product information. Thermoplastic, black, UL 94V-0. Straight Female IEC Connectors. The connector incorporates a keyway which prevents being used with standard temperature IEC3Cconnections.

We offer IEC jumper cords with male Cplugs to female Cconnectors. The Cconnector has the same form factor as a Cconnector, except for a small cut-out in the bottom of the face of the connector. These are commonly used to connect switches and . Heavy-duty 14AWG wire supports voltages up to 250V. MISUMI offers free CAD downloa short lead times, competitive pricing, . Our IEC Cline socket is the true “kettle connector”. You will often find the kettle connector being mistaken for the IEC Cconnector which looks similar without the notch.

The IEC Cconnector has been specially designed for use with “hot conditioned” appliances, including HP servers, Cisco kits and most importantly, . The Cconnector is commonly used to connect network devices to UPS and PDU systems as they are small, efficient and can carry enough power to operate modern networking devices.

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