C13 plug

Kettle plug is a colloquial term used for the high- temperature Cappliance inlet (and sometimes, wrongly, for the mating Cconnector). Good Connections Stroomkabel met. Stroomkabel met Cplug – zwart Deze geaarde voedingskabel kunt u gebruiken voor audio-, video- en computerapparatuur met 3-polige aansluiting. Stroomkabel met 2x Cplug (Y-kabel) Deze geaarde voedingskabel kunt u gebruiken voor audio-, video- en computerapparatuur met 3-polige aansluiting. Dankzij de IEC Cconnectoren kunt u met dez.

Door middel van onze stroomkabels kunt u eenvoudig diverse computerapparaten aansluiten.

Bezoek onze webshop voor de mogelijkheden en deskundig advies! To prevent critical equipment plugs from getting knocked loose, place a Plug-lock insert over any Cinput cord and connect it to any Coutlet. The insert strengthens the connection of the plug to the outlet, keeping critical equipment plugged-in and running during routine rack access and maintenance. The PVC connectors are sonically welded to provide a high quality cable which is perfect . The 3refers to the number of the specification that describes power connectors.

The mating connector for the Csocket is the Cplug , which is . The power cord industry can be confusing. But the more you know, the better. Today we will discuss the differences between IEC- Cand Cconnectors.

First, the obvious difference is the notch on the Cconnector. It is similar in form to the C, except with a notch opposite the earth in the C15 . Cabling4Less IEC UK Mains Power Leads. Note: Also known as kettle leads . Handig voor als je weinig ruimte achter je apparaat hebt. Voorzien van een randaarde stekker (haaks) en een Cstekker (haaks).

Foot IEC Cto CPower Cord Plug Adapter, in stock. These cords are rated for 15A and 250V, with custom colors and lengths available. Same day shipment is available. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Speed Control for Fans With CPlug.

The Black Box range of Click-Lock Cpower strips provide a cost effective method for providing power directly into cabinets and racks. All the PDUs in this range are supplied with a 3m mains lea terminated in a standard Cplug. There are two versions, horizontal PDUs which will take up either front or rear cabinet . Extension C14- CCable is Feet Long. Rated for Amp, 2Volt , wire, Gauge, Type SJT Cor Black Jacket.

Gefen CAB-POWERCORD-UK Specifications.