Budda amps

Budda Amplification is an American company that designs and manufactures electric guitar amplifiers and effects pedals. Shop with confidence on eBay! The company was among the first brands of the Boutique movement.

The tube amps and combos impress with high-end sound thanks to the Dual Class, Hot Bias circuitry which produces an incredibly clear and powerful tone with extremely sensitive . Built like a tank and tone for days I love that you.

At only watts, the sucker is freaking LOUD! LOUD and hitting the egnater cab I was playing it through pretty hard. The Superdrive represents years of research culminating in the design of the ultimate KThi gain amp.

The upper mid range bite combined with the . Its hand-wired construction and user-friendly tones were hits in the guitar community and led to a broader line of amplifiers that catered to modern guitarists who. Someone want to give me the lowdown on Budda Amps ? Where are they made, when were they starte and what their flagship amps are? If you own a Budda Amp , there is quite simply no one more qualified to service your amp than I am.

I was there at the inception of the company. Very little signs of wear throughout. A studio combo with gorgeous looks and extra deep. Hey guys, so I have a quick question for you.

Has anyone ever used Budda Amps or Cabinets? Saturday afternoon at NAMM, Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick . Hey Guys- Peavey has officially acquired Budda Amplifiers , and as such we will begin selling them effective immediately. Peavey dealers will not automatically be Budda dealers, or vice versa. For those of you who may not know Budda by name they are a boutique guitar amp company based out of San . We’re currently updating our products to the website. The Guitar Gallery is the sole distributor for Budda Amps in Singapore.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. FREE shipping on all Budda Products. Worldwide shipping avaliable. Budda Superdrive Heads, Budda Combos, Budda Cabinets, and Wahs.

Budda , bekend van gebruikers als Joe Bonamassa, Foo Fighters, Scott Stapp (Creed) en Alter Bridge, bouwt versterkers van 1 3 en watt in top- en combo-uitvoering.