Bias desktop

If you have signed up, please login. Its advanced amp-modeling engine captures the warmth and feel of real tube amps in. Guitar amp software has slowly been gaining popularity in the audio software industry.

I am using it with a simple guitar rig adapter. Usually it happens the other way around.

А то всякие айпадики — это прикольно, но как-то непонастощяму. Достойный конкурент Guitar Rig Pro 5. I have Bias Desktop , but not the professional version. I want to match the Randall Thrasher.

Are there any presets anyone can provide that can help with this? Share clips if possible too! AMP MATCH YOUR TUBE AMPS Accurately capture the sound of all your favorite tube amps.

I am finding I am quickly changing my tune. I stuck to GTRfor so long, it was necessary for any rival to, at the very least, provide me with dual amp capability. Fantastic amp modeling, sweet FX. Has anyone else tried it yet?

IconBias iOS или Bias Desktop. В общем хотел обсудить у кого какой опыт использования данного плагина. Кто какие крутилки крутить и какие тыкалки тыкает. Это конечно вам не дедовский способ записи, но все таки достоин внимания. I just bought Bias Desktop.

Hello Folks, I am here to sell this awesome plugin because I already have a lot of Guitar emulation Amps including Eleven Rack, Guitar Rig Etc. I would rather trade it for another plugin instead of cash. Slate Plugins in preference (VTM, VBC, ) Kindly advise . BIAS FX has done that, and more. In the readme, they have warned against using Tone Clou but have again given a Bias Desktop – Tonecloud not downloading All they really need to is say that Bias Desktop is limited on the Tonecloud.

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