Arduino fan controller

Hey, what do I need from all of this, if I want. Ik had een aantal PWM (draads) fans die ik graag op een PWM fan controller aan wilde sluiten. Nou daar zijn er dus niet veel van, de enigste die ik kan vinden kost een kleine 1euro.

Dit moet goedkoper kunnen, nu had ik ook net mijn eerste arduino ontvangen dus waarom dit niet samen voegen. Meer resultaten van forum. This project allows users to control two different fans and a servo.

Fan controllers are an effective way to limit or boost the rotation speed of the cooling fans in a desktop computer. While doing something that is CPU and GPU intensive, it may be preferable to have more airflow through the computer . In this arduino based project, we are going to control DC fan speed according to the room temperature and show these parameter changes on a 16xLCD display. Preface Very Short Summary: The fan controller described on this project page, controls one or more PWM controlled 12V PC fans. It uses the input from two precise DHTbased temperature sensors.

Two thing that may be helpful. First make sure you have a common ground. For instance for you transistor you are using separate power from the arduino and volt source. Connecting the two ground of the arduino and the power supply may resolve this for you.

The Internet of Everything is bring more automation into our lives. The idea is to allow devices in your home, office, and environment to talk to each other. But behind this idea is the automation of tasks using electronic control.

A prime target of automation is the home, one of the lowest tech environments around. I have a few 140mm Noctua PWM fans. I want to have an arduino control the fan speed based on temperature. Spin fans depending on the measured temperature.

Control software for PID Test Rig. Arduino -For- Beginners to . Find this and other hardware projects on Hackster. I am struggeling with the electronics in my following project. So I hope anyone could lend a helping hand here? Supports pins and pins (PWM) fans . Also, some information are written on the LCD.

The project is fairly easy to build and the schematic view is uploaded here. Please see the right side of the page for downloads. It can simultaneously monitor the ambient temperature using two DHTsensors and control the speed of the two fans with minimal noise and at the lowest possible .