Antenna switch

Find great deals on eBay for Ham Radio Antenna Switch in Plotter Ham and Amateur Radio Antennas. FLAT RATE SHIPPING Based on the total order. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. This is my DIY antenna switch.

I attempted to show the spark caused by the incoming storm. Starting with your second antenna an antenna switch becomes a necessity. Whether outdoor on the mast or indoors, electronically or manually controlle we offer a wide selection. Here you will find: Remote controlled antenna switches for larger HF systems by microHAM.

Optional controlled by a band . To use several radios on one antenna , or several antennas on one radio. O3A SAC X Stand alone antenna controler for antennas, 5. Alpha DAS Digital Antenna Selector, 5. WiFi Wireless Ham Radio Antenna Switch with status reporting, allows a single transceiver to switch antennas. The switch can be manually controlled via an internal web interface. The antenna switch comes with . DELTA2B, ALPHA DELTA DELTA2B POSITION COAX SWITCH with UHF CONNECTORS, $69.

No Image Available, DELTA2BN, ALPHA DELTA DELTA2BN POSITION . Infineon Technologies – your partner for diodes in automotive electronics. A switch allows one to select which antenna to use with a transmitter, receiver, or transceiver . HO6- Five position remote control antenna switch , SO-2connectors, DC to 1MHz – Indoor Mount (no weather hood). Five position antenna remote control antenna switch , SO-2connectors, DC to 1MHz – Indoor Mount.

We pride our self in offering highest quality of coax switch to the lowest possible prices in UK. Product I Product Description, Retail Price. RCS-1 ANTENNA SWITCH , POSITIONS, REMOTE, $179.

RCS-10L, ANTENNA SWITCH , 8-P, LIGHTING . The RCS-is an automatic remote antenna switch. It reads information from the transceiver and selects the pre-programmed antenna automatically. Programming is as easy as a push of a button.

It works with most Icom,Yaesu, Kenwood and other rigs that have a band data output line. Antenna Switch Module is small package module which integrates High power capable Switch and passive funciton circuit such as GSM- LPF using LTCC technology. I am hoping to find an easier way to switch my HF vertical between two HF rigs than unscrewing and moving the coax every time. I was told that it would be okay to use an antenna switch for this (hook the radios to the antenna ports, the antenna to the radio port) but the more I think about it the less I like the . Main functions: Six outputs to one input. KiwiSDR antenna switch extension.

Automatic Antenna Switch Controller, MBD-12F Automatic Antenna Switch Controller. Operation with up to four antennas for the same band and different arrangements for transmission and reception.