Amplifier module

Amplifier modules are designed for use in active speaker systems. It endeavors to provide the products that you want, offering the best bang for your buck. Whatever bluetooth amplifier module styles you want, can be easily bought here.

Get 40W of sound to play through your speakers with this amplifier module ( manufacturer code M034N). Connect a line level audio input such as a pre-amp or mixer to a 4-8Ω speaker, and hear everything within the normal human hearing range with a frequency range of 20Hz to 25kHz.

Get the maximum 40W output with a . Our extensive range of audio amplifier modules comes from trusted brands at favourable prices. Products – Shop amp modules online. Browse our amplifier modules today! Buy the latest amplifier module GearBest.

Hence we are involved in some of the most High-End audio applications found today. UcD and Ncore modules are well known to be one of the best amplifier modules available today.

Pascal amplifier modules offer a unique set of features which brings substantial added value. Regardless if you want to integrate . This low voltage audio power amplifier is ideal if you need a small amplifier for your audio experiments and prototypes. Dual Channel Stereo Amp Boar DIY Sound System Component: Electronics.

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The UcD180HG is a state-of-the- art full-range amplifier – module based on high-end UcD-technology. The current output signal from a PMT can be directly input to these devices.

Dayton Audio DTA-Class T Digital Black. Add a VDC 2A power supply to this complete PCB and install smooth clean aud. The Advanced CAV-AMP-module provides Digital Audio capabilities to AxisAX “V” Series, AxisAX Command Centers, CAV-VBM Audio Panel and the CAV-VB Distributed Audio Booster.

Fully differential ultra-low-noise voltage amplifier module (LNAM) with selected bipolar rf transistors at the input stage. The amplifier exhibits ultra-low voltage noise, very high spee and good dc precision. GaN, GaAs MESFET, E-pHEMT, LDMOS, Class A, Class AB, Class C, broadband , hybri fully-modifiable, RF, microwave power amplifier modules. Wide bandwidth and high efficiency are not the only features offered in our full line of high power amplifiers.

Utilizing both in-house chip and wire (hybrid), thin film, and SMT . High Power, E-5Piezo Controller System.

Output voltage range -to 1V. Position control (optional). Computer interface and display modules . Module for E- 5piezo controller rack.

This experiment utilizes the following electronic components available from MicroLab, Inc. Microprocessor-based electronics allow all options to be . GHz amplifier modules are fully matched GaAs pHEMT power amplifiers for use in the 2. GHz ban and available at Mouser. Robust amplifier module for universal use. The module is cast humidity-proof and shake-proof. The casting compound and the module case consist of a special, highly heat-conductive plastic.

So no additional heat sinks are needed.