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Buy BUSS HHH Amp ATM Add-A-Fuse : Fuse Holders – Amazon. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. This made my wiring job so much easier than finding a wire to tap into, plus you can remove it whenever you want.

Keep in mind that this will stick out a lot more than a regular fuse. Taps and add-a-fuses create additional circuits on a fuse block or panel. The add-a-fuse kit (also known as fuse tap or add-a-circuit) is a popular option for dash cam installs as it can make for a much more professional looking install and offers added protection for your dash cam or hardwire kit.

Maybe you are also in a situation where you want some extra functionality in your car. Be it an extra Output, a central door locking system or an integrated coffee maker. In this instructable I want to show you how to properly add a new circuit to your car using an add-a-fuse -adapter.

Want to power an auxiliary device like a dashcam or. How to install a fuse tap for amp remote wire or anything really. Mini take appliances(ACN). ACN Suitable for 15A FUSE. Add -a- circuit low profile mini style blade fuse holder.

Car Aux-in Adapter MPPlayer Radio Interface for Honda Accord Civic.

Autoleads Blade Add-A-Fuse. Uses standard size blade fuses to match original vehicle fusing and produced from high quality materials to give an assured fit. Adds a circuit without cutting or splicing wires. Turns one fuse slot into two. Can be used with mini ATM fuses to amp.

Bran APPROVED SUPPLIER. You may also be interested in. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS. Pico Add -A-Circuit fuse holders are ingenious devices that allow for the quick and easy installation of additional V accessories without the need for splicing.

They easily plug into an existing fuse holder to protect . Add a 12-volt power source If you need power for a low-current accessory or an amplifiers remote turn-on, this Dual Add A Fuse adapter from InstallBay will provide a convenient and safe alternative to running a new wire all the way to your vehicles battery. You simply pull out a fuse from your. So I did a little research and discovered some products called fuse tap and add-a- fuse.

A fuse tap is essentially a metal clip molded to precisely fit around a standard (ATC) or mini (ATM) fuse. You then plug the fuse with the tap . Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop Haobase Add -A-Circuit Fuse Holder – Standard 20amp.

Click here for Standard Blade Fuse ) The Co-Star IFH.

ATM mini blade fuse allows you to easily add an additional proteced circuit in seconds without splicing. This is a great product for installing aftermarket . To use this fuse tap simply remove a fuse from your fuse box and install the original fuse in the first slot of the tap. Then install a fuse of your choice in the second slot.

This fuse will be used to limit current to the wire tap while the original fuse will still protect the other accessories on the circuit. TAB GLASS FUSE POWER TAP ADAPTER PCS. Simply remove an existing fuse from the fuse box, insert that fuse in to the bottom slot of the fuse tap.

Insert the fuse tap into the fuse box slot where the fuse originally was. The commonality for all these devices is that they need power to run or recharge. Now you can plug directly into the fuse box and while keeping the circuit you tap into safe.

Add-a-Circuit for mini ATM fuse pack.